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Aural Vampire

date: 2006-07
interview by Damage

Aural Vampire is the bridge between mainstream and vampiric techno underground with distinct flavours of 90's techno and B-type horror flics. After a POWERFUL debut and an mp3-only free EP we had to talk to them before they actually arrive on a Europe tour in October...

THE DOSE: After the release of your debut album "Vampire Ecstasy" in 2004 on Tower Records, your next material was a freely downloadable EP called "Economical Animal Superstar". Will there be an enhanced version you can buy physically? Why did you go the MP3 way?

Aural VampireRAVEMAN: Tracks are likely to be collected to the next CD album again. That release is an attempt to introduce us to a lot of people. The intent was to release something on the net and I think that I was able to obtain a lot of new fans.

EXO-CHIKA: And Raveman also wanted to make the Flash movie.

THE DOSE: What is the concept behind Aural Vampire? How does the name reflect the seemingly controversial, happy and energetic music?

RAVEMAN: Imagine a sense of mystery in which fear, beauty and laughter mixes.. it is difficult to explain. Our musical self-expression is through uniting various elements.

EXO-CHIKA: I think it's merely horroristic in nature.

THE DOSE: How did you get involved with the scene and how did you end up starting your own band?

RAVEMAN: We are in the Japanese music scene, touching on techno, industrial, gothic and alternative.. Aural Vampire was formed to express a sound right in the middle of these four genres.

EXO-CHIKA: I did not know it.

THE DOSE: What events led to the formation of Aural Vampire? Where did you meet?

Aural VampireRAVEMAN: We are schoolmates, in Zombing Vampires High School. I was making techno tunes alone..

EXO-CHIKA: ..and I was looking for a producer. Also wanted to lend my voice to original music.

THE DOSE: Besides Aural Vampire, what do you do in your normal life?

RAVEMAN: I make music.

EXO-CHIKA: I spend money in a royal style. It's my life's work.

THE DOSE: What genre would you put your music to? It really seemed to be a very organic mixture of 90s techno, electroclash, electro and dance.

RAVEMAN: Our music adjusts to all those you said. 90's techno is very important.

EXO-CHIKA: I am glad that you noticed.

THE DOSE: Aural Vampire is surrounded with images of B-horror movies. Where does the love of the horror movies originate? Which directors and movies do you love the best?

RAVEMAN: Excessive aesthetics, human nature, freaky comedy - I'd mention all these. Nowadays I pay attention to Gabe Bartalos who directed Skinned Deep.

EXO-CHIKA: I think J-horrors are too scary. We like funny horror movies.

THE DOSE: Your house is on fire. You have to run, but you can take three CDs, three DVDs and two books with you - what would those be?

Aural VampireRAVEMAN: I will be burnt to death at the time of choosing.. Zombie, Zombie 2, Rob Zombie, Zombie Nation...

EXO-CHIKA: I help the pet earlier than selecting anything like that.

THE DOSE: If Aural Vampire could create a horror movie, what would that be like?

RAVEMAN: I guess the movie would be influenced by the Troma films!

EXO-CHIKA: I'd choose a document film that's like the movie of a life of a vampire.

THE DOSE: What horror movies would you like to create a soundtrack to?

RAVEMAN: Something like the 80's discotheque horror movie or Return of the living dead?

EXO-CHIKA: No! Ghost Busters!!

THE DOSE: How much are you concerned with MP3 piracy and copyright protection?

RAVEMAN: It differs according to the tune.

EXO-CHIKA: We are on the same opinion as other artists.

THE DOSE: What studio equipment and softwares do you use?

RAVEMAN: We mostly use hardware, lots of them fabricated in Japan.

THE DOSE: The dream Aural Vampire gig with the ideal crowd, tech and visuals. Please describe it!

Aural VampireRAVEMAN: The ideal would be something like the screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'll do my best to live up to our ideal.

THE DOSE: RAVEMAN, as far as we know, you also do DJ'ing. Please tell us more about your experiences and DJ sets.

RAVEMAN: I DJ in various scenes from electro through techno to industrial, heavy rock, gothic, oldschool pop.. genres are different every time. In Japan there's a huge club scene. Lighter dance grooves are somewhat of a recent tendency.. Darker and more abstract sounds are only loved by a few, that's quite scarce.

EXO-CHIKA: And I somehow understand that.

THE DOSE: What will Japan and the Japanese scene be like in 15 years? Please share your thoughts with us.

RAVEMAN: I guess revivals happen cyclically, once every 15 years. Therefore, the music that's popular now will become popular again in another fifteen years!

EXO-CHIKA: Madonna will put on the leotard again in Hollywood....Excellent.

THE DOSE: Thank you so much for honoring us with this interview. Do you have any final message to the DOSE readers?

RAVEMAN: Yes - please open yourselves to various art forms and enjoy them!

EXO-CHIKA: Please enjoy the strange culture of Japan. Thanks!