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date: 2006-02
interview by Cybered

London boils with a new kind of emotion, a cold and glaring captivation rushing from the heart of Andrea Kerr, Jared Hawkes and Mark Bishop, better known as COLT. Our London representative, Cybered grabbed Andrea to bring her to the shoegazer rock massif.

THE DOSE: I understand you've been in a quite infamous band in the past, called Living With Eating Disorders.What made you quit and form the new band, Colt?

ColtCOLT (Andrea): Well, I didn't really quit and Colt partly is from LWED, Jared stayed and two of us does the writing of music/lyrics in this band too. We wanted to finish off the whole LWED thing, it was infamous of my random public self harming that many people found quite offensive, also people kept asking me about my weight and if I had eating disorders or not... it wasn't pleasant as you can imagine...:)

THE DOSE: But you still do cut before going on stage, don't you?

COLT (Andrea): Oh you spotted the bandages on my arm at the gig, didn't you? I do usually cut before going on stage. I'm a really anxious performer, if I can't release the stress before going on stage the I'd just pass out once I'm actually on it. Lame I know.

THE DOSE: You do mention self-harm in your songs quite a lot too, aren't you concerned about triggering memories or feelings towards SH, especially amongst your teenage crowd?

ColtCOLT (Andrea): I can only hope we don't... But I DO think it's important to talk about this issue, when you're young and cut, noone tells you it's okay to do it and you end up feeling guilty... it shouldn't happen.

THE DOSE: Kept listening to your new album, These Things Can't Hurt You Now So Throw Them In The Fire (the longest title in history) and I got the impression that it's one of the best produced debut album I've heard for a long time.

ColtCOLT (Andrea): Thanks dear! You wouldn't think that it was partly produced in the comfort of our home, would you? Of course we've been very lucky to have John Fryer for producer. He worked with names like Nine Inch Nails and Cocteau Twins in the past and you can strongly feel his professionalism through the record.

THE DOSE: Great! Just like the rewievs the album got! How does it feel like being compared to Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons?

COLT (Andrea): Hmm... like you said; GREAT! haha! I am absolutely honoured to be mentioned on their level, but i'm still pretty much getting used to it, all the things happening to us just seems so fast and surreal. I can't even believe people actually like the music we play and they listening to it at their homes and stuff. I know it sounds funny but it's a really weird chain of thoughts.

THE DOSE: What are your plans for the future?

COLT (Andrea): I hope we produce many albums, strong ones, ones with loads of emotions.