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DJ Ram

date: 2006-07

BORN: Kirovograd, USSR YEARS OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE SCENE: 6 yrs* YEARS OF DJ'ING: 9 yrs FAVOURITE GEAR TO USE: CDs are PIONEER CDJ 100, 200 or 1000 models, vinyls should be technics sl1210MK2, mixers: pioneer DJM 500, 600 or 3000

THE DOSE: What was the best party you DJ'd at?

DJ RamDJ RAM: That was a big open air in Russia, called "Soundtrack-Zvokovja Dorozhka".. it was prettty hot, because of the several thousands of people who attended!

THE DOSE: What genres do you spin?

DJ RAM: Synthpop, electropop, darkwave, future-pop, EBM and club styles: Electroclash, Trance, Progressive, IDM.

THE DOSE: What music softwares do you use?

DJ RAM: From all the software DJ programs I love only Native Instruments Traktor.

THE DOSE: All DJ's have some special skills. What's yours?

DJ RAM: At the end of 90's I played as a DJ with some rock bands, and I love to make scratches, spinbacks and other turntablist skills, but in the kind of music I play now those skills are not needed.

THE DOSE: What does it take to be a real DJ? How do you actually define the term "DJ"?

DJ RAM: A DJ is a disc jockey for me. This term rather precisely characterizes the workflow of the DJ. He "skips" on music, operates with it and goes around it, forces music to rush in the necessary tempo and direction. Everyone can be a real DJ who loves music, has a proper sense of the beat and feels what people need. Just practice more and do it with patience.

THE DOSE: Turntables in the electro/industrial scene are quite rare so we either have to stick with the CDs or turn to DJ mixer softwares. Which do you prefer and why?

DJ RamDJ RAM: I have turntable skills, but I don't use it for the industrial scene, it's another culture. Electro is a music of precise and rigid electronic rhythms, everything should be direct and clear, no need for scratches or spinbacks. But that also may be a problem of having electro/industrial releases mostly on CDs and very few vinyls only. Singles with remixes are also CD-only. This market grew for many years with only CD releases and that evolution killed turntable skills like dinosaurs. We know more about them, but never saw them. ;) Evolution is cruel, and music evolution is the same, too.

THE DOSE: How spontaneous are your sets?

DJ RAM: I NEVER prepare playlists! I prefer to play for people's needs, of course not in the jukebox style. For every set I prepare tracks: very new hits and tracks what people can ask for. I prefer to have more tracks in my bag, because you can never know the breath of the party. I like when music satisfies people, if they want to have fun - they must have it! It's my job to make people happy.