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Dark Soho

date: 2007-04
interview by Ninth

Enters Dark Soho from Israel, a psy trance act hand in hand with riffing and a love for guitars. From the magnificent Sun Spot and Combustion they arrived to a very mellow state with their album Light in The Dark. Did they become psy pop or a guitar-laden dark mayhem? Take a look.

THE DOSE: Our HQ is very much interested in the upcoming new Dark Soho LP, can you share us any details with us?

Dark SohoBOXER: Well, I have to annoiunce that the band itself has changed. Zeev has left completely, as some of you already know, and Rizo is no longer part of it, either.. I have new guys in the group. A kick-ass guitar player (who recorded the guitar parts on the Combustion album), a very good producer who produced most of the new album (sound- and conceptwise) named Elram and a singer, Lev, is the new Dark Soho so that it could be at its best. The guitar riffs & the concepts of the songs is "back to the roots", so to speak. No more full-on try-to-be songs and all those "non-us" things..

The new album, well, it's basically upgraded old Dark Soho with vocals. What we try to do is to evolve the Dark Soho sound into what it's supposed to be after all these years: a metal trance band. On the new album you'll be able to enjoy a few metal/rock songs with our new killer singer Lev, combined with the "four to the floor" trance kick to complete the power and some kick-ass nighttime trance tracks, too! We're still working on the new album, so we still don't have a name for it (true to January, 2007).

THE DOSE: Seeing how Dark Soho materials evolved from really rough to really subtle, what can we expect from your future releases? The video you shared on your MySpace profile was actually more of a rough eurobeat with trance overtones than a classical DMISH extravaganza!

BOXER: Well, the last album, Light in the Dark, was us trying to reflect another side of ourselves as we did for the last time. We had a few disagreements about how and where Dark Soho should go as a band. And actually that's the reason we have a new group now! We like metal, we like guitars, that's what Dark Soho was all about from the start and that's what we gonna be from now on! That's why I got band more rocker than trance people members. So, the combination between the two worlds is inevitable and more than interesting. Wait and be wowed!

THE DOSE: What were those musical impressions that inspired your current studio work?

BOXER: Mmm, that's a hard one. Infected Mushroom is the only trance I can think of. And then, of course, there are all the metal bands who rocked our asses off in the past years: Evanescence, Paradise Lost, Nightwish, Nevermore, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Devil Doll, Textures and of course Metallica!

THE DOSE: What changed deep down in Dark Soho since the Light in the Dark? Are there new directions and ways to explore?

Dark SohoBOXER: I believe that the new Dark Soho is more mature and we have a better view on the future, we know where we see ourselves five years from now and for once our purpose is agreed on by all the members. It's easier to explore new ideas and directions in the band because we have new people!

THE DOSE: What is the gig where you still haven't been but would definitely love to play at?

BOXER: The Boom Festival, THE OZZFEST!, Wacken and all the great metal fests around the world!

THE DOSE: Oookay, here's a tricky one - which subcultural scene stands closest to you? (Psy is not an option :))

BOXER: Actually it's an easy one: METAL and ROCK!

THE DOSE: You covered Machine Head's Davidian with your track Madness on a 2000 compilation called Voojoo Rituals. Do you plan to cover similar bands or tracks or was this just a one-shot?

Dark SohoBOXER: Oh, that's a good one. We plan to remix a Metallica track (a better one than you heard before), but that's a secret. With our singer now our options are vast!

THE DOSE: What's your experience with the crowd, is Dark Soho more widely accepted than a psytrance project in the classical sense?

BOXER: I don't really know.. but I believe they don't like us more than psytrance projects. You see, it's hard, because many trance heads don't like guitars and if they do, they want it to be lame and chessy like you have it today. But then there are other groups who came to trance from the rock scene and they know how a guitar is supposed to sound like! So it depends on the venue.. when a dance floor gathers together to see Dark Soho, they know what they gonna get!

THE DOSE: You also release material under the moniker Grooving Mad Dogz. Can you elaborate on GMD and also what can we expect from that project in the upcoming months?

BOXER: Heh, Grooving Mad Dogz is a project me and my brother has.. it's a groovin' project just to have some fun :) We released two tracks so far, one to a trance label and one by Xrated management which is a label for electronic music, not trance. It's a remix to the band Bliss and Script called "Honey Child" but at the moment we put all our efforts and time into Dark Soho!

THE DOSE: Thanks for this brief interview - do you have any messages to THE DOSE readers?

BOXER: Stay tuned and open-minded to the upcoming album and don't do so much drugs, it's bad for ya!