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Dj Day-Már

date: 2007-04
interview by Damage

Born: 24 May 1984
YEARS OF DJ'ING: 3,5 years
FAVOURITE GEAR TO USE:Pioneer 800 mixer and the Technics SL-1210M5G turntables
YOUR FIRST VINYL: DJ Outblast vs Digital
Boy - Be 4 real e.p

2006 brought us one of the most energetic fusional products we've heard and seen so far: the Embrace the Night videoclip done by the Dutch empress of techno hardcore, a.k.a. DJ Day-Már. Mixing goth looks and gothic-metalish vocals with the limitless-BPM dancefloor-filling stompin', we felt we have to present this powerpunch to you all.

THE DOSE: What is the history behind Day-Már? How did you become the Empress of Hardcore?

Dj Day-MárDAY-MÁR: I started partying when I was 15 years old. I was always watching the DJ doing his thing, but I never thought at that time that I wanted to be a DJ myself. A few years later I was at an afterparty at home with a friend and he was an amateur hardstyle DJ. I really wanted to try it myself and I liked it so much that I bought my own turntables the same week! After 5 months of practicing I wanted to play at a party and I asked a local organisation if they would give me that oppurtunity.. They said it was okay! I really messed up that set because I was so nervous!

But a month later I wanted to try it again and this time my set was perfect! That year I played at a lot of little parties here in Holland. And all was going great! And then in January 2005 when I was doing nothing special at home, my phone rang.. It was DJ Outblast from Masters of Hardcore! He asked me if I wanted to play at the next Masters of Hardcore in Thialf Heerenveen! That's a location for 20.000 people! Of course I said yes! And after that I got a lot of bookings for a lot of great parties! So that's sort of my story :-)

THE DOSE: How much of you is Day-Már and how much of you is the private person? Can you separate your DJ'ing and normal life? Is there any need to separate them at all?

DAY-MÁR: I don't think it's needed to totally separate them..I'm always the same person. I don't think I want to separate DJ'ing and my normal life because I want to be a DJ 24/7 ;-)

THE DOSE: What does "hardcore" mean to you? What does it give you that no other genres can?

DAY-MÁR: Hardcore gives me a lot of energy! And every time I play hardcore I get excited and happy! I think it's the style that brings the most energy to my life. At home I listen to a lot of other styles of music, but it's not as satisfying.

THE DOSE: What subgenres are your favourites and what do you spin at parties?

DAY-MÁR: My favorite subgenre is darkcore and UK hardcore! But I try to combine a lot of styles in one set.. Like UK hardcore, Frenchcore, some mainstream records, hard-techno and a little bit of drum & bass.

THE DOSE: What non-hardcore stuff/genres do you listen to? Any past affiliations with other subcultures?

Dj Day-MárDAY-MÁR: I listen to a lot of Gothic metal, trance and drum & bass.. But also to Maria Mena, Anouk and Dire Straits! But it's too much to tell because I like a lot of styles and bands!

THE DOSE: You've got lots of Goth, electro and industrialheads hooked with both your Gothic look and your aggressive sound, the Embrace the Night promotional video is such a truly fantastic mayhem! So tell us, how does the look come from?

DAY-MÁR: Thank you! To be honest, I really don't know where it has come from.. 5 years ago I was still a blond and I was wearing a lot of colourful outfits. But by the time I started to play as a DJ, I only wanted to wear black clothes, I coloured my hair darker and darker and now it's all black.. I was listening to gothicmetal at that time and the look of some band members inspired me, I suppose. When I'm all dresed up in black, and I put a lot of black make-up on, I'm feeling at my best..

THE DOSE: Please elaborate on how Embrace the Night got born - both the track and the video! What's the story behind that, how did your niece end up doing the vocals?

DAY-MÁR: Well, I have a niece, she is the leadsinger in a gothic-metal band named Delain, and I really-really wanted to mix hardcore with a sense of Gothic metal.. I called her and asked if she wanted to come to the studio to record some vocals. And she said yes! So we did that and I started to work on a hardcore track. In the beginning I had some problems with using the vocals in the right way, but after a lot of trying and deleting a lot of tracks I had it..I gave the track to DJ Outblast and he liked it so much that he and King Matthew decided that it was the new Masters Of Hardcore anthem! The video-clip was specially made for the next Masters of Hardcore, and I had a lot of fun while making it hahaha!

THE DOSE: When can we expect more releases from you? Do you have any plans to continue with this kind of harsh melodic hardcore sound?

DAY-MÁR: Ow yeah! I'm very busy in the studio right now together with Noize Suppressor. I hope that record's coming out around May. And that rough style is my style so I hope I can produce more records similar to the one I'm producing now. There are also plans to make a remix of Embrace the Night together with Justice. He's a UK hardcore/terror producer from Holland.

THE DOSE: What are you more, a DJ or a producer?

Dj Day-MárDAY-MÁR: I really like to do both, but I think I'm enjoying the DJ-ing better. That's because you get direct reactions from party people and fans! Sometimes when I'm producing, I don't have enough patience. I want a great track, and great reactions but you don't get them directly of course. Simply because producing takes a lot of time!

THE DOSE: What was your biggest and smallest party you spinned at and what was the most memorable one?

DAY-MÁR: That's always a difficult question, but I think the Masters of Hardcore in Dortmund last year was the most memorable one for me, because I made the anthem and my niece Charlotte was singing the anthem live on stage! I was so nervous - but it was great!
The biggest probably was Masters of Hardcore in the Brabanthallen the 10th of February. It was very crowded and over 21.000 visitors from all over Europe had the time of their lives. The smallest party I really don't remember.. I've played at a lot of small parties, sometimes only for 50 people, but here in Holland that's sort of normal because there's one in every city, every weekend.

THE DOSE: Which are your favourite Dutch and non-Dutch festivals?

DAY-MÁR: My favorite non-Dutch festival is Nature One in Germany!! 5 days maximum party! more then 300 dj's! I played there for 2 years in a row at the Thunderdome stage! Fantastic party! Fantastic people! My favorite Dutch festival is Dominator, but Defqon 1 is also great! At Dominator I played once, but not yet at Defqon.. I hope that's going to happen this year.

THE DOSE: What's the fest that you still haven't spinned at but you'd love to?

DAY-MÁR: Thunderdome! Well, I played at the Thunderdome stage at Nature One but I really would like to play at the party in Holland!

THE DOSE: How do you see the Dutch hardcore scene now?

Dj Day-MárDAY-MÁR: Well, a lot of people are afraid that the hardcore scene will "collapse" once again, like it did in ‘99. I disagree. I think that hardcore has become a style with a lot of substyles, like UK hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror, Darkcore, Industrial etc. All those substyles are not as commercial as mainstream hardcore. When a style is non-commercial, the scene will stay alive. The Dutch scene is by far the largest scene, but I really look forward to playing in other countries, because the scene in other countries has the potential to grow. In Holland it's very nice to have the opportunity to go to parties every day of the week, but at the same time it's less special.

THE DOSE: In an apparently male-dominated music scene, what is it like to stand as a woman behind the decks?

DAY-MÁR: All the male DJ's I know treat me like just another well-respected DJ in the scene. As a female DJ, you have to bring something that the current male DJ's don't have. People don't expect a female DJ to play as hard and rough as guys. I don't know why, but it's a fact. I often get compliments (which I'm very happy about), when people say that they didn't think I could live up to their (male-)expectations. I really enjoy seeing other female DJ's in the scene and a lot of them are personal friends, like Lindsay (DJ Korsakoff).

THE DOSE: Do HC labels and artists experience record sales losses because of MP3 piracy in a country, where the scene appears to be more about parties than actual CDs?

DAY-MÁR: Well, producing and performing as a DJ are two different things of course.
Naturally I don't like the fact that my releases can be downloaded without paying for. Not just because I don't receive the money I could get when people buy my releases, but more because it is destroying the scene. There are a lot of artists that don't perform as DJs or live-acts. They have to live from the money they earn by releasing tracks and the people who buy them.

THE DOSE: What's the great Day-Már masterplan for the years to come?

DAY-MÁR: Haha, the great masterplan? Well, there are a lot of things to come. I'm hoping to spend more time in the studio to produce more tracks and then hopefully I can release my own album. But that's something that won't happen in the following months, more like next year. As for DJ-ing... I really enjoy other countries, and every country I haven't been before for a gig, is a great new experience. Maybe I could play in Hungary? ;-)

THE DOSE: Thank you so much for dedicating your time to us. Do you have any final messages for THE DOSE readers?

DAY-MÁR: The pleasure was all mine! Final message.. Live life to the max, enjoy it while you can, life is too short to regret things you haven't done ;-)