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In Strict Confidence

date: 2007-04
interview by Cassandra

THE DOSE: You previously worked under the moniker Seal of Secrecy, why did you change it? Could you tell our readers what happened to the band since then?

In Strict ConfidenceDENNIS: The first project called Seal of Secrecy was the roots of ISC. After Stefan left temporarily to play in other projects, there was a kind of a new vibe and a new name was needed to express what has happened. There were two guys working in ISC - till we met Stefan after 5 years...and the family is complete once again!

The band proceeded with producing new songs, recorded the first tapes and played more and more gigs, then got involved with the label Zoth Ommog, which later released their first album Cryogenix. This was kind of the "official" start for ISC to grow more and more international and become well-known in the dark scene.

THE DOSE: Who writes the songs? English might make understanding a lot easier but you also write songs in German.. is it a matter of importance for you to write in your mother tongue or do the German fans expect it from you?

DENNIS: Oh well, English is the vocal language, maybe the easiest to write lyrics in. Writing lyrics in your mother language always has something fragile in it, but sometimes I just love walking on this thin line.. I don't know if our German fans really expect it from us, I mean writing lyrics in German as well, but they surely like it the way I do.

THE DOSE: In one of your interviews you said "We are making electronic music with soul". Is that still valid?

DENNIS: We added more acoustic elements during the past years, like drums and guitars, but I think we can still say "alternative electronic music". I know the people like to push bands in a scheme, but I just separate between songs I like and others that I don't. When we started doing music in the early 90ís, we loved bands like Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly. They were a big influence in the beginning.

THE DOSE: How did your fans react to the new album?

In Strict ConfidenceDENNIS: Well, weíve already received a lot of feedback since the album was released. The comments were nothing but positive. I am convinced that the fans that remained faithful to us all these years havenít been disappointed this time either.

THE DOSE: Have your ideas come true concerning the new clip, Forbidden Fruit?

DENNIS: Yes, we are really happy with the result. It was the first time we had the chance to produce a clip on a higher level in a TV studio in France with a great crew. We definitely would like to release similar kinds of visual performances.

THE DOSE: You dominated the Scandinavian music top list - what do you think was behind this?

DENNIS: We played several times at festivals and some single shows in Scandinavia, like Norway, Sweden and Finland. That's always great to see that people from all over the world like our music or especially are focused on German acts.

THE DOSE: What could you tell us about your tour experiences?

DENNIS: We had a great time, especially with Conjure One. We played the German dates in one row, but lots of shows, especially those outside of Germany in 2006 - I think we covered 8-10 different countries. It will go on like this in 2007 with Israel, South America, Russia, Ukraine and so on. Itís always a big adventure for us in other countries and a pleasure to get chances like these. We usually play with 5 people on stage supported by a video-show.

THE DOSE: What are your plans for the future?

DENNIS: We are already working on new songs and weíre busy preparing shows in Europe, Israel, South America, Russia and Ukraine. Never stand still!