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date: 2007-04
interview by Damage

It's all electric! The team of Meikee Magnetic, Rene Perez and Sunevil, also known as Protection is some extra hot party candy, connecting Tokyo and Hollywood, fashion shows, Tecmo's Dead or Alive and almighty raves that change worldviews. We've got Meikee on the other end of the line.

THE DOSE: Under the moniker Chilldren Ov Paradise you've traveled to Tokyo to return back glamorously as Protection. Please tell us about these days, what were your experiences in the Japanese club scene, what it was like and what did you learn out of all that?

ProtectionMEIKEE MAGNETIC: Tokyo was a life changing experience for us! The 1st show we played was in front of 2,000 at a Trance event called Arcadia & soon after we we're booked for Harukaze an outdoor Cherry Blossom Festival that attracts people from around the world including Underworld. Guesthosting & performing on Space Shower TV as well as our own MTV Special was like a scene out of the Movie "Lost In Translation". We all had careers as DJ's, extras in JPop video's, tv commercials & fashion shows. The club scene was out of control w/ no concept of time! Tokyo will always be our 2nd home & treated us like family.

THE DOSE: Please drop five words (each of you) that come to your mind when you think about Protection.

MEIKEE MAGNETIC: Freedom, Change, New, Sexy & Global
RENE PEREZ: Expression, Lifestyle, Prolific & Inspi Ration
SUNEVIL: High Voltage, Neon Cabaret, Glam, Art & Girls

THE DOSE: You've played with lots of major artists like Aphex Twin, Gus Gus, Keoki or Tsuyoshi.. with whom was your most memorable gig and what was that like?

ProtectionMEIKEE MAGNETIC: We'd have to say Mt Fuji performing alongside DJ Tsuyoshi in Japan because it was the 1st time to play infront of 7,000 excited fans. We do a Felix The House Cat cover & his friend was in the crowd @an LA show. He called him on his cell to have him listen & the response was intense. The best show was @Ruby Skye in San Francisco USA with DJ Dimitri because the love & support from the crowd was incredible.

THE DOSE: What does Protection really stand for and what plans do you have for the future (meaning both 2007 and your long-term plans).

MEIKEE MAGNETIC: Protection is a strong friendship between 3 individuals that's lasted since 1998. It's the personal bond that was formed while we lived in Tokyo for 3yrs. A continuation of our musical legacy that's enhanced our lives forever. 2007 will be a rebirth of sound. To release as much music as possible to tour the world.

THE DOSE: You released Protection some two years ago with e-clash/synth/club elements, when can we expect new materials from you and what changes will it bring to the Protection sound?

MEIKEE MAGNETIC: Our EP alone has inspired over 15 remixes by producers around the world still unreleased. Rene's been inspired creating all the time so we're just waiting to get in the studio ASAP. You can expect more guitar, live bass, drums & talkbox with more catchy songs.

THE DOSE: Tell us a bit about the Hollywood/SF club scene, highlight a few noteworthy events, venues and people and don't forget to describe what people can expect when they check out a Protection gig!

ProtectionMEIKEE MAGNETIC: Hollywood & SF are completely different! In Hollywood people are hungry & are there for the same reason so there's more unity. SF's more competitive where the real artists get lost in the mix. Hollywood has so much more support for us which is why most of us live there. House of Blues & Viper Room have treated us like increbibly which is unheard of with bands in L.A. In SF there's club Loaded, Blowup, Bangsf, LightsdownLow plus in LA there's Club Moscow & Satin Saturdays. You can expect a high energy show intertwined w/ fashion, pumping beats, the front row laced with girls & sometimes a bit of chaos in the good sense of the word. There's always a good afterparty with us...

THE DOSE: Meikee, you worked with Tokyo game company Tecmo on the "Dead or Alive" fighter project back in the CoVP days, please give a brief rundown on your experiences!

MEIKEE MAGNETIC: That was fate! The Tecmo guys were sitting next to me on my plane ride back to the US from Tokyo. We chatted & the next thing you know I had a meeting set up with a President of a Japanese Recording Company on my return. The deal was signed quickly & we were on our way. I believe we became their pet project & were something to spice up their day jobs.

THE DOSE: What other activities are you engaged in? (Is Crash Berlin still alive?)

MEIKEE MAGNETIC: Rene released an album singing with Bobbie Marie, Sunev is an all around artist doing airbrushing @ fashion shows, events & djing globally. He's also releasing a dance mix called "White Devil" he sings on. Meikee Magnetic DJ's, remixes & has many event's in San Francisco along with putting on his own fashion shows. Crash Berlin is kinda the missing Protection member & he was in Chilldren Ov Paradise with us. He's extremely gifted!

THE DOSE: You say you'll soon return to your anxiously waiting fanbase in Tokyo. What kind of masterplan are you returning there with?

ProtectionMEIKEE MAGNETIC: Since we've been there we've grown immensely in our skills. Our sound is exactly what's happening there right now. A good plan is new album to hit all the promoters plus a few shows with Joujouka. We were a phenomenon when we arrived there & plan to keep up to our standard.

THE DOSE: Guys, thanks a lot for this brief interview - what are your final words to The Dose readers?


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