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date: 2006-07

BEST NEWCOMER OF THE TERM! See him live at A38, Budapest supporting COMBICHRIST!

THE DOSE: What is the servo.hatred persona?

Servo.HatredSH: servo.hatred is my fucked up side, it's the language I can't use in society: it tells about tales that never happened, unholy desires, ideas that were born dead but some sick fuck brought them to life, and views I should have kept for myself. It's rusted and messy, dark and harsh. It's honest as much as it's a pose.

THE DOSE: How would you define the genre you're in?

SH: Many would define it as terror EBM/darkelectro, but I rather say that servo.hatred is the mix of all the things I like in music: banging beats, growling bass, screaming synths, some IDM breaks, fucked up fx, and evil vocals.

THE DOSE: How does the Servo work? What soft/hardware do you use?

SH: For me, writing music is about weaving an organic whole around a little detail: a melody, or lyrics. And the outcome should be filled with emotions: I don't like totally sterile and mathematical soundscapes. The best part in writing is when the process takes over, and the music "writes itself".

I'm slowly building my small home studio, the current setup is: a Pentium 4 PC running Ableton Live with Reason rewired into it, and various VSTi's. As for the hardware side: M-Audio FW 410 audio interface, Novation X-Station 25, Audio Technica AT2020, Boss and Korg Fx processors. That seems to be a really good setup for now.

THE DOSE: Name 5 bands that inspired you the most.

SH: Hocico was the first from this genre I listened to, Deathboy is my all time favourite, Psyclon Nine is pretty much the most innovative band nowadays, Cyberphilia2020 gave me the kick to write music. It's only four, but those had the biggest influence on me.

THE DOSE: Your song Rage will be featured on the Interbreeding VIII compilation among artists like Implant, Tamtrum, Skoyz, Y-Luk-O or Tyske Ludder. Could you tell us more about the song and also how you started to work with BLC?

Servo.HatredSH: I got a message on Myspace from somebody I can't recall now, and he told me that I should try getting on compilations, and gave me the URL to BLC's site. That was by the time they were recruiting acts for the Interbreeding VIII compilation, so I mailed Brandon from BLC and sent him some tracks.

Few weeks later I got a mail that they would like to put the track "canned.rage" to the compilation. That was the first proper servo.hatred track, and I felt that it sounds too "old", so i made it more powerful and up-to-date, this is how Rage (Interbreeding Mix) was born.

THE DOSE: Okay, as far as I know, a remix for Unter Null is also in the works. What about that?

SH: I made a remix for the track "This is your end" from the forthcoming EP, sent it to Miss Null, but got no response regarding to it so far. So we'll see how that works out.

THE DOSE: Do you foresee any new electronic musical breakthrough in sound and composition?

SH: I don't think that there will be any radical breakthroughs, as there were in the past. It's quite hard to do something new in electronic music, it's very rare, that I admit that yes, this is something new, or at least a fresh idea like I did when heard Psyclon Nine's INRI and Dismantled's Breed To Death. I think the key to new sounds is in crossover: having a "main genre" then adding details from other genres. That can really beef up a track.
But who knows, maybe the new generation has something new to show.

THE DOSE: In terms of production, albums are dead, songs are the basic units of music now. Please comment.

SH: Talking about this, we must separate the big names, and new, yet not widely known bands. The big bands already showed their potential, they are on a label, so they have the time to make an entirely new album, because they have their faithful fans standing behind them, and their name "won't fade away". For newbie bands, the most important thing is to gather fans, to get feedback and promotion: they have to keep the buzz going around them.

You can never stop, you must show something new every time, convince people that you are worthy for their attention, and that's why you can't just write an album, but you must put up new song on Myspace or anywhere else. Besides, getting feedback on your new work is really useful: you see how people react to your work, and that's important, since not caring about your "fans" opinions won't get you anywhere in most cases.

THE DOSE: What's ahead for servo.hatred for 2006 and the years ahead? Any lives?

SH: Experimenting, trying out new sounds, and go further on the road to find the style what suits servo.hatred the most. Writing new stuff until I can put together a high quality promo I'm satisfied with, then start to search for labels. For live dates: we'll open for Combichrist on the 21st of July, that will be servo.hatred's debut show, and play at the Music Factory in September or October. It would be good to play somewhere abroad too, Austria is a rather desired destination.
Also expect a totally new image, which will suit the aggressive sound perfectly .

THE DOSE: Thanks for the interview, what's your final message for THE DOSE readers?

SH: I would like to thank everybody who helped servo.hatred and gave feedback. Stay tuned for more and don't hesitate to contact.