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Siva Six

date: 2007-04
interview by Damage/Teryal

Siva Six presents itself as a viable alternative to the occult dark electro scene. With their new album Black Will out and the festival season approaching, we talked to evil mastermind Z to see what they're all up to nowadays.

THE DOSE: Let's start with your latest move. Your dark and monumental new album, Black Will - in my opinion - may restore the faith in harsh darkelectro for many. How did the crowd receive it so far?

Siva SixZ: Hey man, nice to talk to you! Up until now the reviews are really good and it seems that both the press and the fans are into our sound and philosophy more and more!

THE DOSE: Siva Six has always been quite a mixture: the energy of a killer psytrance freight train mixed with the darkness of bands like yelworC or amGod. How much did these two realms (psy and occult industrial) influence your sound?

Z: Listen, the occult and psychedelia in all forms have not only influenced Siva Six but became our second nature. I respect the bands you mentioned above and since you also mentioned psy trance I can't avoid to talk about my love for Dark Soho. We were talking with Boxer about a remix - it might happen in the future!

THE DOSE: Rise New Flesh was perfect in the sense that it oozed up lots of dark energy and sounded like a tough floorfiller like Hocico and yet it still didn't come out of Mexico's ass. What do you think of today's dark-electro scene and who would those new talents or names be that you would showcase?

Siva SixZ: Generally speaking, the scene is fucked up, clones is what you see all around and that's disappointing. Of course there are always good artists that can make the difference, like Combichrist, Soman or Reaper, amongst others. But, aesthetically or musically, I think the scene is going down big time..

THE DOSE: Could you please elaborate on the origin of your name and the concept behind SIVA SIX?

Z: Siva Six means nothing really and a lot at the same time, it came up just out of nowhere, jumping straight out of my unconsciousness. The concept is to express and to bring it on, to create, to show what our eyes and heart has seen.. our main leader is the will and our hate lies in your face.

THE DOSE: You state everywhere that your music is 'horror beat'. That suggests the influence of a big load of horror movies. Which ones are the best? Name the last film you saw!

Z: Lucio Fulci and the other great Italian horror masters.. Brain Dead, Hellraiser, David Lynch movies, Hammer horror movies, Carpenter's movies, Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Haute Tension, Saw, Hills Have Eyes… Ichi the Killer is a masterpiece.

THE DOSE: Any new movies that you'd write soundtracks for?

Z: Ichi the Killer, Bittersweet Life, Saw, The Quiet..

THE DOSE: You hail from Greece, could you explain a bit more focusing the scene out there? How big and dynamic it is? Are you going to parties nowadays?

Siva SixZ: Yes, I like clubbing and the scene here is cool, there are a lot of live shows, clubs, good bands like Iambia, Nyne, Mors in Tabula, Preemptive Strike, Mahakala, Nighstalker..

THE DOSE: What is your main goal by producing albums? In one of your earlier interviews you said that brewing up club hits is not your goal. What is?

Z: To express, as I said before and to keep out hearts full field.. having a club hit is really cool but we are not focused on that.

THE DOSE: How strong is the relationship between you and those bands that are often mentioned as reference to your music (Hocico, Suicide Commando, yelworC, amGod, and so on)?

Z: I had talked to Hocico a couple of times and they're really cool on and off stage. Sheep on Drugs, too. Suicide Commando have some really great tunes.. I mostly love their first two or three releases. On the other hand, although Siva Six can fit with the acts you mentioned, we walk our own dirty road.

THE DOSE: If you had to rephrase Siva Six, what phobia, sickness, weapon and novel would it be?

Z: Fear, albinism, a shotgun and Neuromancer.

THE DOSE: Any plans of a tour for 2007? Do you like playing in front of the crowd or in the studio more?

Z: Siva Six is more of a live act than a studio band.. we love performing and we need it, hopefully we'll do more shows in more countries during 2007.

THE DOSE: If you need to relax, what do you do?

Z: Listening to Johnny Cash, having sex, playing Taipei.

THE DOSE: Finally, what's your message to our readers?

Z: Be yourselves, avoid trends, read and open your minds. Create and always remember, life is not what it seems!